Smooze – Fruit Ice – Coconut & Mango – 345g

Smooze – Fruit Ice – Coconut & Mango – 345g


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Smooze is produced from coconuts grown on lush coconut plantations in East Sumatra, Indonesia. The makers of Smooze have been growing coconuts in their groves for twenty six years using world’s best practice to improve environmental and ethical standards. This ensures sustainability, and balance between quality business outputs and social wellness. 

Smooze Fruit Ice is the most delicious, dairy free, tropical refreshment to hit the shelves in years! Guaranteed to bring smiles all round for kids and grown-ups.

When fresh coconut milk is combined with tropical fruit, the result is the truly sensational Smooze. Combining the flavour of coconut with the delicious fruity taste of mango. Smooze is a delicious, any time refreshment for adults and children alike; after work, school, gym, yoga or dinner. 


  • vegan
  • laktosefrei
  • milchfrei
  • eifrei
  • vegetarisch


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