Suma Vegan Green Pesto 160g [Personal Care]

Suma Vegan Green Pesto 160g [Personal Care]


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Suma is a vegetarian business and animal welfare is a key consideration with all of its products. The company employees are into healthy eating too, and are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to help in the quest for a varied and balanced diet. Nothing too ‘out there’ though- they are firm believers in organics and stick to natural, recognisable ingredients, just as nature intended.   Suma is one of the few businesses in the UK that sell only vegetarian produce. You can be assured that all of its products are 100% vegetarian from its sweets to tooth-brushes. That means no meat, no fish and no animal derived nasties like gelatin or rennet. It is also a member of the Vegetarian Society, who aide in promoting a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle.   Suma Organic Vegan Green Pesto is a vegan friendly, organic pesto that is ideal when mixed with hot pasta, served with warm organic breads or stirred into soups. Suma Organic Vegan Green Pesto will not only give your dishes a vibrant green colour but also add an extra exquisite flavour too!


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